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Keys to Success

in the Office



Sucess means different things to different people, but the feeling of success as an office professional comes from an awareness of her/his value to the business/employer.



This seminar will introduce the office professional to four doors that open for the successful assistant: technical skills, soft skills, people skills, and attitude.


The office professional will learn how to possess the keys to these doors: managing the office, records, finances, and time; using proper telephone and social media etiquette; writing and publishing; listening; creating a caring, sensitive environment; working with difficult people; being a team player; understanding the importance of her/his apprearance, body language, voice, manners, and the quality of work.


Topices include:


Office Management Skills


 Writing Policies and Procedures for the Office


Creating and Maintaining an Office Manual


Understanding Job Descriptions and Organizational Charts


Maintaining the Calendar


Keeping an Inventory of Equipment and Supplies


Understanding the Copyright Laws


Records Management


Telephone and Social Media Etiquette


Business Writing


Desktop Publishing


Time Management


Listening Skills


Office Ethics


Understanding People—Their Needs, Wants, Differences


Working With the Team


Keeping a Positive Attitude

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