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We can customize a conference or seminar for your target group. Any topic can be one hour or more depending upon the desired depth of study for that topic. If we have not already developed a topic that you need, we can do that at your request.


A few topics presently included are:


Are You a Positive or a Negative? (Attitude)


Are You a Team Player (Teamwork)


At Your Service (Customer Service)


Business English (Basic and Advanced)


Let's Talk (Verbal Communication Skills)


Confronting Conflict and Dealing With Difficult People


Dial O for Operator (Telephone, E-mail, etc.)


Did I Say That? (Communication Skills)


Dressing Appropriately for the Office


Effectively Using Verbal and Written Communication Skills


Eight Time Management Principles That Will Help You Beat the Clock


E-mail Netiquette and Why It's Important


Ethics in the Office


The Exceptional Assistant (By Alphabet) (Professionalism)


Filing Systems That Work


Foiling the Filing Monster


I Want to Be Alone (Office Etiquette for Multiple Staff Offices)


It's Not Just What You Say, It's How You Say It—and Write It (Business Writing Skills)


Office Management and Accessibility


The Office Professional's Alphabet for Projecting a Professional Image


Organizing Your Office for Efficiency and Effectiveness


Preparing an Office Manual


Proofreading and Editing—It's Not Just Finding Typos


Providing Quality Service


Staff Relationships and Teamwork


Surviving Workplace Stress


Team Time (Time Management and How It Affects the Team)


We'd Like to Get to Know You (Public Relations)


Where Do I Start? (New Office Professionals)


Why Are the Coffee Filters in the File Cabinet (Organization)


Writing Policies and Procedures


Writing Right (Grammar, Punctuation, etc.)



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